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Nanxiang and cooperation

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On may 7th,government leaders  form Nanxiang city where in Shanghai have visited our factory in Chongqing. We have not only introduced them the all terrain vehicle ,but also our best product———oilless bearings

.Oilless Self-lubrication Bearing( bushing, guide bushing, operating slide and bearing shell etc.)

Using high-strength brass (also referred to as SP2, CAC304, HBsC4) or improved high-strength brass (SP3) or cast iron FC250 as the fundamental material, drill holes with appropriate size and orderly arrangement in a specific and angle and spacing on the bearing body and embed special solid lubricant into it so as to allow the bearing to produce a layer of solid lubricant through kinetic friction during the operation of mechanical equipment to achieve the goal of self lubrication without maintenance of mechanical equipment. The product combines the characters of metals and non-metals, especially ideal for working situation with high temperature, heavy load, low speed which is impossible or inconvenient for oil lubrication, Nowadays the product is widely used in the industries including storage battery equipment, rail traffic equipment, mining equipment, tobacco machinery, rubber machinery, chemical machinery, metallurgical machinery, rolling mill machinery, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, textile machinery, food machinery, packing machinery, paper machinery, injection molding machinery, turbines, steam turbines, instrumentation, three-dimensional garage, automobile industry, ship industry, various tooling molds and other FA automation equipment etc.

Application Features:

1,Available for work without lubricating oil application for a long time;

2,Applicable for work situation where reciprocating, rotating, and gap movement appears and oil film is hard to form;

3,Particularly applicable for work condition with heavy load and low speed owing to perfect wear resistance and low friction coefficient;

4,Corrosion and high temperature resistance create a wide applicable working temperature range;

5,Maintenance-free with a long service life

our oilless bearings gave a deep impression on the the goverment leaders. that's great!!


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