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Chongqing to largely explore shale gas

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CHONGQING (CQNEWS) -- Chongqing is expected to achieve the large-scale exploitation of shale gas in the upcoming 5 to 10 months, according to relevant experts on July 13, 2013.
Shale gas is natural gas exploited from shale bed. As a new energy that emerges during recent years, its great strategic significance and promising prospect has drawn tremendous attention. The potential of shale gas resources in Chongqing is richly endowed by nature and according to the relevant estimates, its geological resource potential amounts to 12.75 trillionm3 and its recoverable resource potential amounts to 2.05 trillionm3.
Chongqing has obvious mountainous region characteristic, so large-scale exploitation of shale gas encounters great difficulty and faces high costs. Many scientific research departments are conducting relevant technical studies, thus to break the bottleneck of exploitation techniques, according to the director of Shale Gas Center of Chongqing Academe of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tan Yanhu. And Tan suggests that these departments strengthen cooperation and pool resources together, thus to speed up technique research of shale gas exploitation. (Translated by Zhang Xi, Fathom Language Limited)
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