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Benz sprinter 325

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Detailed Product Description

Chassis Model Benz Sprinter 324
Dimensions L*W*H(mm) 5910×1993×2720
Wheel Base(mm) 3665
Curb Weight(kg) 3500
Max Speed(km/h) 160
Oil Consumption 13.7L
Min. Ground Clearance(mm) 189
Min. Turning Diameter(m) 12.8
Engine M272 E35EU4/1(Gasoline)
Displacement(L) 3.498
Emission Standard Europe 4
Gear Box 5 speed, automatic
Max Power(kw/rpm) 190/5900
Max Torque(Nm/rpm) 340/2500
Wheel Tread Front/Rear(mm) 1692/1700
Seating Capacity 5 People

Main Equipments and Functions

1,Medial Combination Cupboard
Made of damp proof material and waterproof as well, the whole medical compartment can be washed by water. The cupboard has many drawers and arks for storage of medicine and medical apparatus. Front cupboard top is made of man-made scagliola for easy clean and wash. The vehicle electrical relay is fixed in left bottom corner of cupboard; full automatic power invertor and free-of-maintenance battery are under the cupboard.

2. Passenger Seats
Seats installed in rear right part of compartment, ark-style for 3 persons, backrest fixed against the vehicle body. Sub-stretcher (shovel style) is under the seats and its cushions can be turned over.

3,Main Stretcher
Only one man’s operation can realize main stretcher get in and out of ambulance, the foldable design makes the stretcher a smooth pass, when getting in, the front kickstand folded automatically, and then locked when get on the vehicle. When getting out of vehicle, the kickstand released automatically, then front and rear kickstand locked for no sliding.

4,LCD Shovel Style Stretcher
Sub-stretcher is put under passenger seats ark.
Easy operation.
The stretcher is separable with length adjustment.

5,Oxygen Supply
1. Oxygen Switch
2. Barometer
3. Puffing/Charging connection
4. Cylinder
5. Oxygen Tube
6. Oxygen supply connection
7. Flow meter
8. Flow adjust switch
9. Flow tube
10. Tube connection and distribution
11-19. For inhaler connection

6. Color LCD Reverse Monitoring System
It consists of LCD displayer and camera, full time monitoring when vehicle reverse, safety performance improved greatly.

7,Ultra-violet Disinfection System
This system may produce ultra-violet and do disinfection.
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